2016-17 Laws of the Game Update


Following the recent updates to The Laws of the Game for 2016-17 and the change in production from FIFA to IFAB, U.S. Soccer, in cooperation with the Referee Committee, have decided to reduce the number of hard copy law books being provided to the referee community. Not only does this decision allow us to go green but it also aligns U.S Soccer with many other Federations worldwide.

We realize this is a big change for the referee program but we also believe it’s a positive step forward. The prevalence and usage of smart phones and tablets allow referees to have a full, digital version of the Laws of the Game at their fingertips. This digital book will serve as a reference for all officials instead of the physical book. You can find a link to the IFAB’s user friendly version below. Additionally, this site offers supplemental information for referees of all levels.

2016-17 IFAB Laws of the Game

Keeping in line with international standards and to assist with their duties at the highest level, all International and National level officials and National Referee Coaches will be receiving a hard copy of the new Laws of the Game from U.S. Soccer.

Also, in order to service the rapidly growing game at the domestic level, all Instructors and Assessors, as well as State Level Referees, will be receiving a hard copy of the new Laws of the Game distributed by the states.

We are working on solutions where hard copies can be made available for purchase. More information on these options will be made available as soon as possible.

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