Tier III Referee Academy (Club/Tournament)

  • CLUB/LEAGUE REFEREE ACADEMIES –  In addition to CNRA hosting three (3) State Referee Academies each year and three (3) Regional Referee Academies within each Region each year, CNRA is also introducing the CLUB/TOURNAMENT REFEREE ACADEMY where CNRA comes to your Club/Tournament and presents Instruction based upon your needs. (More details to come)
  • Club/Tournament Referee Academies will be provided at least one certified USSF Instructor.
  • Club/Tournament Referee Academies are available to ALL Referees that serve the Club/Tournament that hosts the academy.
  • The services and instruction provided by CNRA at these Club/Tournament Referee Academies are FREE to both the Club/Tournament and its Referees. (Fees for facilities must be covered by Club/Tournament, parking may apply to referees in attendance.)
  • Club/Tournament Referee Academies apply toward number of hours of In-Service training for recertification requirements.
  • The TIER III Academy Coordinator position is currently vacant.