Emeritus Referee Recertification

CNRA Annual Requirements

  1. Laws of the Game Test: No annual requirement
  2. Fitness Test: No annual requirement
  3. Practical Evaluation: No annual requirement

Online Registration

Before you renew your online registration please determine which CNRA Region you live. You will need to enter your Region within your Registration Form.

ALL Emeritus Referees MUST login to their account at CNRA.gameofficials.net to renew their annual registration. Downloadable instructions are available here: CNRA Registration Instructions


  1. Enter the CNRA Registration System: CNRA.gameofficials.net
  2. Login to your CNRA GameOfficials Account (Don’t know how? Click HERE)
  3. From the Main Menu on the left, Click on “Courses”
  4. Select and click on “Referee Courses” – (This will bring up several available Registration choices.)
  6. Continue to follow and fill out the remaining Registration and Payment procedures until all is completed.
  7. Continue with the Confirmation Page. Your Registration will be processed by the State and then the National Office.
  8. You may check upon your status by returning to your Account at CNRA.GameOfficials.net. The Main Page of your account will list your USSF Registration History and indicate your Status.
  9. You may also refer or confirm your Registration Payment by entering your Account and clicking on “Confirmed Reg” under the Main Menu on the left.

You should receive your new USSF referee packet (Badge & Referee Card) from United States Soccer Federation within 8 to 12 weeks. Law books are mailed only to State and National Referees. You may download your e-book copy from CNRA.

Should you need any assistance with registration, email our CNRA Registrar.