Requesting a Referee Assessment

US Soccer Assessments are a formal observation and recording of a referee’s performance in a match. Assessors are trained professionals with game experience in a variety of levels during their career. They can help a referee advance in grade, maintain their current level, and provide course corrections in the development of an official’s understanding of the Laws of the Game. Assessors provide a game debriefing to review their observations and submit official written feedback that includes a grade of a Referee’s performance

CNRA coordinates assessments through two coordinators:

Questions can be directed to either coordinator depending on the referee grade level and need for assessment. Below is the self-guided instructions for requesting an assessment.


  1. You must have a current US Soccer Referee registration
  2. You must already have your game assignment that qualifies for assessment, a US Soccer-affiliated match
  3. You must submit your fee for an assessment
  4. You may only request one assessment per calendar day
  5. US Soccer and CNRA highly recommend you do not work other games prior or immediately after your Assessment. This ensures that you are physically prepared to perform your best and allows time for a comprehensive debrief of your match performance with the Assessor.
  6. To better ensure that an assessor may be assigned to your match, submit the request and payment at least two (2) weeks prior to the match. This is even more critical if you are Upgrading/Maintaining for Grade 6 or 5 as there are fewer State and National Assessors available to assess these grade levels.
  7. Do your best to ensure that the requested assessed match will likely be a competitive enough game so that it might better meet the criteria to challenge the referee crew to display their abilities of their knowledge and application of the laws, mechanics, procedures, and overall management of a game.
  8. “Games that are not challenging enough to allow the Assessor judge the abilities and knowledge of the Referee based on US Soccer “Grade Related Performance Observations” guidelines (September, 2015) will still be assessed. However, the assessment will not count toward an Upgrade or Maintenance Assessment. Assessments that are completed upon a game that is deemed not challenging will not be refunded or given credit to a future assessment. NOTE: A sub-par performance on a non-challenging match may receive a “Need Further Evaluation” score (69 or below) in which case the Referee must make it up with an additional passing assessment”.
  9. Should any changes occur regarding the assigned match (date, time, location, teams, etc.) or a change in referee crew immediately contact your Assessor and the appropriate Assessor Coordinator.


  • Pay for your Formal Assessment Online quickly and securely via – ALL Formal Assessment Requests MUST be paid in full.
  • Fill out the Online Assessment Request Form via – these will automatically be sent to the Assessor Coordinator for review and processing.
  • Once payment has been confirmed, your Assessment Request will be processed and the Assessor Coordinator will attempt to assign an assessor to your match. You will be notified by Game Officials when your request and payment has been received.
  • Once an Assessor accepts an assessment assignment, he/she is required to contact the Referee to confirm the assessment and ultimate details about it. If the assessment request cannot be honored, the Assignor Coordinator will contact the Referee to inform him/her about that fact.  If the request can not be fulfilled prior to the match, an automatic credit will be maintained in the Referee’s account for later use toward any future Assessment Request.
  • Should there be any changes to the details of the match or the referee crew, the referee MUST notify both the Assignor Coordinator and the assigned assessor as soon as possible. Any non-notification of such schedule changes that impacts the attendance of the assigned assessor, the assessment fee may not be re-credited if another assessment and assignor needs to be rescheduled.
  • After the written assessment has been released to the Administration by the Assessor, and then reviewed and approved by theAssignor Coordinator, the Referee and ARs will receive individual notifications via email from the Assessor informing them that their Written Assessment is available to view online via

Submit a Request:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Sign Up For Course” black link (left-side of the page)
  3. Click on the “Upgrade/Maint. to Grade 6 Assessment #” blue link
  4. Click on the “Course # Code” blue link
  5. Select the “Click Here” blue link
  6. Log into the CNRA-GO system with your Username and Password
  7. Follow the prompts to pay the assessment fee online with a credit card and input personal and game information
  8. Print the confirmation page when the process is completed